About iTork

“We are specialist in designing and producing high quality electric actuators!”

In addition, we provide services related to the flow control industry. Years of field application experience and research has enabled I-TORK to launch compact yet durable ITQ series actuators that provide reliable performance and the ability to integrated fully into sophisticated control system.

Each actuator is produced under strict quality and process controls based on the l-TORK Quality control System, certified by 1509001:2000. As a result of the l-TORK Quality control System certification, you have the assurance of product quality.

We are a secure and excellent choice for HVAC, Waterworks, Offshore, Pulp & paper. Chemical, Petrochemical. Refinery, Energy, Oil & Gas, Mining, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Shipbuilding, Power plant and other industries. ITQ series actuators provide the most reliable solution to satisfy our valuable customers and exceed expectations.

I-TORK Controls Ltd. will continue to develop more advanced products integrating high technology and be ready the most reliable solution.

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